Rudding Park, Harrogate Wedding Photography - Kieran & Alex

Kieran held his nervously wobbling hand up to show Pat as he stood waiting for Alex to enter the Blue Room at Rudding Park in Harrogate.  This was the moment all the planning and organising had led up to and you could feel the nervous excitement in the room.  I've been there myself, and I've seen it many times as a Wedding Photographer.  As the bride finally makes her entrance on the arm of her unbelievably proud Dad time stands still for a moment for the groom.  That first glance between them both makes it's all worthwhile.

The rest of the day played out in the same way and you could feel the warmth from both the families.  Everyone was so welcoming on the day and that always makes my job much more enjoyable.  And what a venue to choose to hold a wedding.  This was my first time shooting at Rudding Park and hopefully not my last.  Stunning House, beautiful grounds,  Number 1 hotel in the country on Trip Advisor,  home to a record breaking wedding.

Thankyou to Kieran and Alex and their families for allowing me into your lives for the day. 


Hair : Liv Deighton

Makeup Artist : Danni Alexandra

Band: Kabuki

Lola Poser

This one highlights the lovely effect a prime lens and a shallow depth of field can create.  It's one of the most useful tools to have in a photographers box, and can completely draw a viewers eye to exactly where you want them to look.

Obviously you need to get really close to your subject to get the same type of falloff in focus seen here, but the efforts are more than worth it.

Harrogate Registry Office

Harrogate Registry Office

The Harrogate Registry Office is such a beautiful little room, perfect for small intimate ceremonies.  This was from the first wedding I was ever asked to shoot, and I was so nervous having just purchased a 28-70 f2.8 lens.  What I didn't realise then was that the crop factor made it closer to a 45-105 and found myself backing up and banging into things constantly to try and fill the frame.  I've fortunately learnt from that now!