Farne Islands Personal Shoot

These images are from a trip we took quite a while ago now.  We went up to Northumbria for the weekend and stayed in the most random hotel/pub.  Random spur of the moment trips away are certainly one of the things I miss most now I'm a parent!  Anyway, as well as causing uproar in the pub by taking somebodies regular seats at the Pub Quiz, we took a boat ride out to The Farne Islands to see all the birds shortly before they migrated for the winter.  

There weren't as many birds as there could have been, but that was probably for the best.  Whilst we didn't get dive-bombed by the terns ourselves, we had a number of near misses.  I can only imagine what it's like at prime egg hatching time!!

Crown Inn, Roecliffe Wedding Photography - Karen and Craig

Karen & Craig's Wedding couldn't have been more suited to the Crown Inn in Roecliffe.  They actually came across the venue by googling Barn Weddings looking for something across Yorkshire that would fit their ideal aesthetic.  And fit it it did.  What Karl has managed to do is turn the barn at the back of The Crown into the perfect rustic wedding venue, and they've spent a lot of time getting the courtyard just perfect.  Coupled with the exquisite food inside and it was a match made in heaven.

When I met Karen & Craig, I knew they'd be a perfect fit for my documentary approach to photography.   Both were comfortable in their skin and looking for real photographs to remember their day by, not hundreds of posed photos of themselves.  As they described their wedding as a laid back affair with close friends and family it sounded ideal.  When the day came around, both Karen and Craig and their families were fantastic company on the day and the speeches from their two sons were some of the most emotional speeches I've experienced in my time shooting weddings.  Enjoy the images!

Yorkshire Baby Photography - Edward

Photographing babies can be a challenge in itself (I know as I've got one!) especially when they're only 3 months old and have about 40 minutes awake time before dozing off.  Edward however was an absolute trooper with plenty of little smiles peeking through.

I don't often photograph babies, however make a pleasant exception for previous wedding clients, such as Andrew and Claire.  Typically (this being them) as on every other occasion I've photographed them (Engagement Shoot in Manchester and Wedding in York) it was pouring down with rain, which meant we were limited to the conservatory.

However the light in there was perfect for capturing plenty of Edwards expressions.  What I do love about photographing babies is that it just highlights how quickly they change week by week.  I did a blog post a while back of photos I've taken of Juliette in her first year, and it's incredible just how quickly they grow up.  To all you new parents out there, either hire me to take some photos, or make sure you take lots yourself!